Foto DeLaatste,
de laatste foto gaat een leven lang mee

Foto DeLaatste

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The last photo lasts a lifetime..

A passing in the family is bad enough as it is. It is nice when there is a beautiful
memory, one that you undoubtfully cherish. Today lot’s of photos are made, but that
doesn’t mean that the photo in question is suitable as last photo. Mostly it is too crowded,
there is too much on it. You prefer the deceased alone on that photo.
That is my job. I ensure that that busy photo becomes a beautiful and precious memory..


The photo you deliver is digital (as big as possible) on paper or as a negative.
Due to Corona, the photos can only be delivered digitally, so that everything can be
arranged by e-mail or by telephone as much as possible.

What that photo was taken with is irrelevant. Of course it is nice if the quality of the photo is good.
That quality of the photo supplied, surely partly determines the end result.

The last photo is a beautiful, calm and loving memory..


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